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Are you looking for extra training, more knowledge, and furthering your overall technique? Ballet is it! Dancers will focus on building strength, muscle awareness, extension, flexibility, body alignment, and control. This ballet class will incorporate the use of barres, center floor work, and across the floor progressions.
Dancers are encouraged to wear a leotard with tights, have ballet shoes and hair in a bun.
* Ballet experience of at least 5+ years.

Need the okay to take this class: A unique blend of dance and gymnastic disciplines, that allows dancers to move from stunning acrobatic type movements, into traditional steps and elements that make up many styles of dance.
In this class kids will learn the basics of back flexibility, strength and control. Skills learned will be:
Front aerials, Back Handsprings, Back layouts, back tuck, spiders, headstands variations, Valdez, elbow stands variations etc

Must be okay'd to take this class: Perfecting Quads and Quint turns, progressions across the floor, turn sets center floor and across the floor, adding tricks/acro into progressions.
This class will also work on your core strength and balance/control with blocks and bands.

Dance Combo:
An hour combo class. The class will include a stretch/warm up and a combo which changes styles based on the day. Come and experience new ways to move, explore your passion for dance and take your training to the next level.

Across the floor progressions:
This Class will focus on general technique of turns, leaps and jumps across the floor and center floor. Learn the technique needed behind the common skills we already know, as well as learn new skills and new ways to move.

Dancers must have a solid triple pirouette and 6+ a la secondes.
Class Focus on:
Adding difficulty to pirouette and open turns
Longer Turn sets
Speed changes
Spotting Changes
Position changes
Managing Transitions in turn sets
combinations of various skills
with an emphasis on maintaining proper technique, muscle engagement and skill completion.

Advanced Hip- Hop: Elevate your hip hop mastery in our Advanced Hip Hop Dance Class! Delve into advanced moves, dynamic choreography, and refine your unique style with our seasoned instructor. Experience a high-energy class that pushes the boundaries of your foundation while promoting self-expression. Take your hip hop dance journey to new heights—previous experience required.

Intermediate/Advanced Levels:

Aimed for all ages, this class helps with the ability to move muscles and joints through a full normal range of motion. Flexibility helps performance, posture, promise efficient movement, prevents incorrect body alignment, maintains appropriate muscle length and balance and also decreases injury risk.

Dance Cardio:
Cardio Dance class, no dance experience necessary.

Foot flexibility:
Our foot flexibility class is designed to help improve the range of motion and strength in your feet. Through targeted exercises and stretches, you'll be able to increase your flexibility, enhance your dance technique, and prevent injuries. Join us to unlock the full potential of your feet!

Tricks and skills:
Our tricks and skills class is an exciting fusion of acrobatics and dance. In this class, you'll learn a variety of acro and dance skills and put them together seamlessly without stopping. It's a dynamic and fun way to improve your technique and challenge yourself. Join us and take your skills to the next level!

Strength training:
Our strength training class combines bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, and weighted balls to build strength, stability, and flexibility. Suitable for all levels, it enhances dance technique and performance. Join us and experience the benefits!

Back Flexibility and leg extensions:
Our leg extension, back flexibility, and strength class is designed to help you improve your flexibility and strength in your legs and back. Through a series of targeted exercises and stretches, you'll work on lengthening your leg muscles and increasing your range of motion. Additionally, you'll focus on building core strength and improving your overall posture. Whether you're a dancer, athlete, or simply looking to enhance your flexibility, this class will help you achieve your goals and feel more confident in your body. Join us and unlock your full potential!

Disclaimer: For all classes, all dancers must wear tight fitting clothes, hair pulled back and dance shoes indicated for that class. Street clothing is strictly prohibited.

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