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Beginner Combo:
60 minute combo class. The class will include a stretch/warm up and a combo which changes styles based on the day. Come and experience new ways to move, explore your passion for dance and take your training to the next level.

Beginner Hip-Hop:
Discover the basics of hip hop in our Beginner Hip Hop Dance Class! Learn fundamental moves, grooves, and simple choreography in a fun and supportive environment. No experience needed—just bring your energy and enthusiasm!

Beginner Across the floor progressions:
This Class will focus on beginner technique of turns, leaps and jumps across the floor and center floor. Learn the technique needed behind the common skills and connecting the movement.

Beginner Tap Technique:
This class is for students who are starting out in tap. Students are introduced to vocabulary, sounds and rhythm in tap. Students will gradually develop speed, clarity and understanding of time and temp.

Beginner Turns and Technique:
30 minutes focused on turns and 30 minutes focused on beginner technique. This class will introduce students to fundamental turning technique like pirouettes and chaines. It focuses on balance, body alignment, and core strength, while teaching spotting techniques for control. Students will learn proper foot and arm placement to enhance the quality and stability of their turns.

Beginner Ballet:
Are you looking for training, knowledge, and furthering your overall technique? Ballet is it! Dancers will focus on building strength, muscle awareness, extension, flexibility, body alignment, and control. This ballet class will incorporate the use of barres, center floor work, and across the floor progressions.

Dancers are encouraged to wear a leotard with tights, have ballet shoes and hair in a bun.
* Ballet experience of at least 0-3 years

Disclaimer: For all classes, all dancers must wear tight fitting clothes, hair pulled back and dance shoes indicated for that class. Street clothing is strictly prohibited.

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