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Dance team training(6th-8th)
This class is constructed for dance team dancers or dancers wanting to tryout for Dance Team! This sport is one of the largest and most demanding in Minnesota. Learn proper technique, increase skill level, and gain helpful tips on how to be a successful dance team dancer.

College Dance team prep(16+):
Our college dance team prep class is designed to help you prepare for auditions and performances as a member of a college dance team. In this class, you'll receive specialized training in various dance styles, such as jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary, to enhance your technique and performance skills. We'll also focus on building strength, stamina, and flexibility through challenging exercises and combinations. Additionally, you'll learn important team-building skills and gain confidence in your abilities as a dancer. Join us and get ready to shine on the college dance team!

Disclaimer: For all classes, all dancers must wear tight fitting clothes, hair pulled back and dance shoes indicated for that class. Street clothing is strictly prohibited.

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