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For Ages 4-7

Beginner Ballet:
Learning the basics of ballet and the foundation of dance! Barre, center floor and across the floor will be incorporated into this class!

A unique blend of dance and gymnastic disciplines, that allows dancers to move from stunning acrobatic type movements, into traditional steps and elements that make up many styles of dance.
In this class kids will learn the basics of back flexibility, strength and control. Skills learned will be:
Back bend, Seal arch, bridge, cartwheel, summersaults, bridge walks, etc.

Class focus is a 60 min session and will focus on 30 min of stretch and 30 min of technique. You can expect to work on the following:
Right and left leg splits
Center Splits
Back flexibility
various side leg holds
6 o'clock holds
Scorpions & Needles
Balance & Strength
basic technique of pointing toes
tightening and strengthening our knees
balance and control
core strength.

Beginner Hip-Hop
Learn fundamental moves, groves, and simple choreography in a fun and supportive environment. No experience needed!

Disclaimer: For all classes, all dancers must wear tight fitting clothes, hair pulled back and dance shoes indicated for that class. Street clothing is strictly prohibited.

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