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Sophia Kalmes

Sophia is a talented dancer who has dedicated 16 years of her life to perfecting her craft at Studio 4. She has honed her skills and passion for dance as a member of the UMD dance team, where she has showcased her talent on numerous occasions. Sophia's commitment to dance is evident in her role as a student teacher and apprentice, where she has the opportunity to pass on her knowledge and inspire the next generation of dancers. Sophia's hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed, as she has been recognized as a Showbiz Title Winner. Additionally, she has been a valued member of the AOM Academy. Sophia's exceptional work ethic and passion for dance have allowed her to take on leadership roles within the studio. With an unwavering enthusiasm, Sophia is thrilled to continue mentoring and educating young dancers in the Duluth community. She is determined to share her love for dance and inspire others to pursue their passion.

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